What is a flamingo yogi class like?

Accessible and therapeutic yoga

Gentle Flow Yoga is designed to improve flexibility, posture, promote healthy joints, increase oxygen intake, strengthen bone and muscle and improve balance.

Throughout the classes we link movement to the breath and always end the class with some dedicated relaxation time giving the mind and body essential time to rest after the yoga practice.

Yoga is the perfect activity to take up if you are older or if you suffer from injuries, aches and pains, because its low impact and precise motion combined with weightbearing postures have strengthening benefits for the whole body.

Regular practice of yoga can help reduce age linked ailments and will make you more agile, stronger, and importantly bring a real sense of relaxation. This class is for both those wanting to use a mat or chairs can be provided for seated postures and for balance. 

For me therapeutic yoga means 2 things; teaching therapeutically and teaching
therapeutic yoga. I teach all bodies yoga and specialise in teaching students who may need
additional support be that due to injury, age, disability, health. I teach a class that encompasses at least 3 limbs of yoga sharing not only asana but pranayama and meditation and connecting to themes of spiritual reflection. I share my knowledge
of yoga and experience of practicing with others with the hope of it being of therapeutic offering to them. Therapeutic yoga doesn’t have a set structure or plan but a theme and intention to be shared with my student. All 8 limbs of yoga come into practice and sitting with someone sharing their space with an open heart is sometimes the best yoga to share. Therapy is something that makes you feel well, emotionally and physically and the connection I make with others I like to think makes them feel well
The purpose of using yoga as a therapeutic tool is that it works. When you look at the history of yoga the reason it has lasted and been practiced by so many for their whole lives is because it works. It is no surprise that during the pandemic we saw an increase in yoga online. The purpose of teaching yoga as a therapeutic tool is that often the teacher who is also a student of yoga themselves has the understanding and the inner connection to offer something healing to others. Physical movement and breathe is something that can connect us all wether thats assisted asana on closed hands or warriors on a mat we can all connect with the idea of physicality. Same with breath it is incredibly connecting to breath with someone and mirror the breath.

Yoga therapy is a chance for us all to stop, be and connect with ourselves

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