Covid- 19 social distancing measures.

Reopening face to face yoga classes

2 metres between mats wherever possible- currently class maximum size is 4

Well ventilated room before, during and after each class

Students to bring own mats and any equipment. None will be provided. If students require a mat please contact the teacher who may be able to offer you a long term lone of a mat.

Leave enough time at the start and end of class to clean and sanitise. Hand santiser and cleaning products provided by teacher.

Teacher is as far away as possible from studentsĀ and will not be offering adjustments.

Students to book and pay for classes prior to class. Students to arrive on time, so as not to congregate outside studio

Hand sanitiser outside rooms and toilets to use before entering the facility and on leaving

Floor and surfaces cleaned and disinfected between classes and on a regular basis

Responsibility of the teacher to perform a risk assessment and ensure the room has been cleaned and disinfected. Teacher to keep documented evidence of the risk assessment.

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