Community Classes

Hatha Flow yoga

My Hatha flow class is a welcome and much-needed mid-week break from the stress and speed of day to day life. Grab a mat and start moving through a sequence that will leave you feeling strong, centered and renewed. Book today.

Energising rise and shine yoga

Start the weekend with an energising warming class. This is similar to the Hatha flow class on Wednesday but focuses on strengthening the body and is a little more dynamic practice. Suitable for those with some experience of yoga

Online Classes

Senzen Teen yoga

Yoga for Young People 11 -18 years old with Special or Additional Needs , taught by Claire and Laura of SenZen Yoga. 


An online yoga class designed to support neurodiverse young people. 

Expect movement, yoga poses, breathing practices, and relaxation techniques.

Yoga Nidra- sleep meditation

Yoga Nidra is an effective way to release stress and induce deep physiological rest and relaxation. It means psychic sleep, where conscious intellectual mind disappears, subconscious mind becomes active and unconscious mind merges with the subconscious. This class has been designed from a nurologically informed place with consideration of the impact of anxiety and stress on the self. Rotating the awareness around the different parts of the body in turn, Yoga Nidra is a systematic method of inducing complete mental, emotional and physical relaxation. Class is 30 mins with time for questions and reflections at the end of class. You don’t need anything to practice just a space where you can be alone with no interruptions and a comfy seat/space.
Laura is a qualified social worker as well as yoga teacher and has taken additional CPD trainings in yoga to support mental health.

Private classes

Kids yoga and yoga in schools

Working with Yoga in Schools Our aim is to grow and support Schools & Yoga Teachers to extend the opportunities across education to experience Yoga & mindfulness and all the benefits to body, mind & spirit. Improving physical, mental & emotional health and resilience for all.

SenZen yoga in Learning Disability and Autism

At home yoga class for people with learning disability and on the autistic spectrum. Specially created to offer space to feel comfortable in your body and find tools to help keep calm. I work with both your skills and challenges of flexibility, strength, energy and focus to provide a sensory and physical program


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